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04 de enero de 2023

The new year and new adventures

Well I am still at it and back at it in 2023. Christmas vacation was great; I had a lot of fun down at the coast and explored a lot of the Lower Rio Grande Valley which was a first for me. I have covered a lot of new ground in 2022 but 2023 is another chance to make more happen. For Christmas I got some fun camera equipment and that came in the forms of some macro lens filters and extenders. I also got an awesome stabilizer. I am ready to rock the new year in style. It is going to be a rather interesting year. I am at UTA now and this is my second semester and I will be taking a new class in photography this year; another chance to up my game will come in this class. It is Black-and-white photography but it is all good I will more than likely pick up a lot of useful tips and tricks.

This year I am going to be doing a lot more birding and a lot more insect counts than before. I am going to be doing my usual load of volunteer work like I normally do. However, I have been in the loop of other circles and have some more interesting things lined up. I am looking forward to this year's City Nature Challenge and I am looking forward to all the major BioBlitzes as usual and National Moth Week. I am also excited about this being the 100th anniversary of the Texas State Parks system so I will make it a point to explore these parks and get some more under my belt since it is a special commemoration. I will do what I have been doing all this time but I will be doing a lot of different photography stuff.

Last semester I go a new Jintu Manual 45mm-800mm telephoto lens and I am going to be doing a lot with that lens so I can continue my search for that illusive Dragonhunter. This is among my priorities for the year. I have been on the search for this dragonfly for nearly eight years now. I am going to be rather busy but that is the way I like it. I am going to be doing a lot more with my microscope photography too. I have been rather reserved with some of my photography. I need to continue to explore the micro realm since it has a lot to do with what I like the most in terms of birds and insects. I am going to be kicking it into high gear this year. I am going to try and double my species list and observations list. It is a steady growth.

One of my new goals to break 3,000 species on my list. I am very, very, very, very close. It is going to be pretty easy once it gets warmer. I am thinking about getting to the mothing a lot earlier than I normally do. When it is warm I will be doing some here and there. I am not going to do it yet but I will be prepping for it. I am always checking the weather charts and once that first snap of warm weather hits it is on. I am going to try and focus on more plant photography as well. With some of my lens filters it has brought me into wanting to add some more layers to my work. If you really want to know what gets me so involved in citizen science and photography it is pretty much all the layers I add to what I do and what I like. It has been a constant learning and love affair with wanting to know how things are all combined and intertwined. Sure geology and fossil exploration when I was younger really blew the cap on expanding to all forms of life.

I am hoping 2023 is filled with more road trips. I am going to try and shoot for some more places I have never been too. I have been to a lot of states in the last few years but I like to explore a lot of areas outside my home area to get an idea of what else is out there and make connections back to where I come from. No matter how you look at it even the most far off places are connected to everything around. I am going to be doing a lot of upgrading in my native plant garden. I hoping to do a lot in the new year with other things but these are some of the basic naturalist goals I have for the year. This year I am hoping to really get into the thick of some more things and get up to my armpits in exploration. Already at the start lets see how things go from here.

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