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28 de mayo de 2024

Deep Dives in Microscopy

Over the course of the last few nights I have been burning the midnight oil looking through sand samples. I have been increasingly interested in the realms of inner space. From small inverts, to looking through pond sludge seeking Diatoms, and other creatures. I had collected some sand from Padre Island. This was not intentional but it is what happens when I collect seashells from the coast. I had went back in December and I had been rather interested seeing what is in the samples I had.

I had seen many micro views of sand and knew there were tiny creatures. Protists are things I have only ready up in books and to actually get some data on them is pretty incredible. You might say with me it opened up a completely big can of worms. I had originally thought that these were micro fossils which do occur with the Protists as I have researched. I have been watching quite a few videos of Forams. I got the samples from around Christmas vacation so I logged them from the exact time and place they were picked up. There was not a huge diversity in the samples but there were plenty to find interesting. I also did come across a fair share of micro fibers which drove me insane.

These are something I am new to these Protista. I had taken basic biology but we hardly ever touched on them. I love finding new things to delve into study. I have books on these types of things but maybe I just had to see them and add some extra context for them to click. Nature on this planet never ceases to amaze. I am going to be doing a lot more microscope works in the near future. Diatoms were just the tip of this iceberg but I love doing microscope work just to see how things go. Nature is just that a puzzle and a mystery and the more you find the more you lose yourself in it's diversity. I have not done a lot of microscope work; I have my own personal one but to be fair I have been rather reserved with it; yet, I think it is time to do more with it especially with summer on the rise. I need to log in things I see from all seasons.

Down one rabbit hole and out the other.

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