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01 de enero de 2020

Missions for the New Year

Well it is getting close to the new year and the new decade and for me and many of us it is time to go on more adventures and explore more. For me I have a few places I want to go back to like Big Thicket, Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, LLELA and other places in Texas. I am going to be looking for many different species this year including the Pileated Woodpecker, a live Luna Moth, and that illusive Dragonhunter. I have quite a few other thing on my list but I really want to see these three species alive and well. It is in the talks that my family will be thinking about going east and having a really nice summer vacation in Georgia. I am very interested in going to a few parks around there. I also would like to go to Louisiana and explore some of their areas a bit more. I need to start filling in more of my map. It is going to be a great year of exploring and going on even more adventures around Texas and other places around too. I am wanting to look for more places in Texas that I have not been too. I would like to get out and visit Palo Duro Canyon and a few parks west and north. I am really wanting to double my efforts and find twice as much wildlife in 2020. I am going to try and get over 10,000 next year. I am looking ahead and I know that the City Nature Challenge will be coming up and I am telling you right now that I am going to really bring my A game and double my efforts. I am actually going to try and get a brand new mothing light and do some more mothing in my own backyard. I will be looking forward to National Moth Week this year and all the other Bio Blitzes I will be participating in. I am going to be taking a new photography class in college and I am hoping to also improve my photography skills and do a lot more with it. 2020 is going to be a good year for wildlife for me I just know it. I am going to be doing more birding, more insect hunting, I am going to be doing a lot in the new decade so I am very interested in to know just what I will encounter in the new year and the new decade. So until we meet again in the new year I will see you on the trail.

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