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20 de febrero de 2018

Weekend Plans

Well it seems that I am going to get my chance to go on my first Trout Lily Walk at Tandy Hills. My friend @sambiology is leading the hike and I am really excited. I have seen Trout Lilies before but I don't know that much about them. I am also eager to take the opportunity to photograph stuff for iNaturalist on this hike. I have been in a little bit of a photo drought for this month. I have later classes and stuff so I have not been able to do what I am used to doing but still I am able to get out and about sometimes. I for one am looking forward to the hike. I need some good stuff to observe. I have been to Tandy Hills before but I have not been there to do iNaturalist stuff because I forgot my camera the first time I went. I love the area though. It is truly one of those hidden gems in this area. I love the area and I have checked the weather channel and even though we are having a lot of rain in the forecast Sunday seems to be clear I am just hoping I don't Jinx it with this post and mess it all up. I don't know who else is going on this trek but I have a couple of my family members who will be accompanying me on the hike. I have a few things lined up for this year already. I will make another post about the trek after we go. So stay tuned for more posts. This is your pal Zachary Chapman AKA galactic_bug_man signing off.

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26 de febrero de 2018

Afternoon Trout Lily walk and Evening Birding at Lake Arlington

Well I had some real fun yesterday with @brentano @sambiology @kimberlietx and the rest of the group that participated in the Tandy Hills hike. I arrived early and Sam was already up there when my Aunt and I arrived. I met him and we went on the search to look for the best Trout Lily beds we could find so we could talk about them on the hike. At one point me and Sam made it to a ravine that had swollen from all the rains. He made it across just fine but me not so much. I tried to follow his footsteps but once I got on to the bank the mud gave way under my weight and I fell in. Luckily it was just my pants legs that go wet. My phone, camera, and stuff were not damaged. I did have a soda with me and when I fell it got a hold punched through it but there was not much in there. We headed back to the front to wait on the group but not before looking at some other stuff along the way. We made it just in time as people started to arrive. In all about 33 people according to Don Young were counted for the hike. I met a few new people and saw one from my class. We had a great hike. We saw a bunch of stuff and some really nice Trout Lilies. I took a few moments to appreciate and observe some of the rocks and I was able to find a few neat Fossils. I am an avid fossil hunter and never miss out on looking for fossils that may be in the area. I found a nice little prehistoric clam of some kind that was one of the largest I have seen of that particular kind of fossil. We didn't see that many insects at all. We saw one assassin bug and then I happened upon a little Orbweaver spider. When me and Sam were making our rounds we did see a few butterflies; one of which almost landed on my right index finger which was so cool. We saw a lot of other plants too and had a great time. I stuck around for a while and then after all was said and done Brent and I went out to Lake Arlington to see if we could find Little Gull. We spent a few minutes out there searching. We did manage to find a different Gull but we are not too sure if we found our Gull. They all seemed to be swarming at a fast rate that it was impossible to keep a track of them. We did run into some other birders that were looking for the Gull too and we talked to them for a while. Soon I took my leave and went home. I have since got all the photos from the Trek uploaded. I feel so good getting all caught up on my photos. That pesky backtrack was driving me nuts but I am sure that I have all photos uploaded. I am so glad I went on the hike. I wonder what else I might do this year; I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.

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