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I am a Cross Timbers Master Naturalist, and student aspiring to be a Wildlife Photographer. I am also quite the Space Cowboy and love my science fiction and nerd based interests like Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly and it's follow up Serenity, Jurassic Park/ Jurassic World, Men In Black, Ghostbusters, Jaws Babylon 5, Stargate, Looney Tunes, Disney, and that sort of jazz. All my life I have been into nature but in the last ten years I am now learning my place and where I fit into all of it. I am training myself to paint and do other things to understand the natural world better. I shoot with a Canon Rebel T6. I have a GoPro Hero 7 Silver and a Nikon Coolpix L830. I also have a vintage Pentax K-1000 but have not used that one for iNaturalist stuff that was just a fun fact. My main interests are Arthropods, Birds and sharks; but I like anything that hops, crawls, or slithers my way. I love to take photos of all things wild. I am also quite the geology nerd and love fossil. I am an avid fossil hunter at times and a rockhound.

Fun Facts About Me:

I have Met William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, Nathan Fillion, Jim Cummings, Bill Farmer, Jungle Jack Hanna, Veronica Taylor, I have photos with a few of them and a few Autographs. I have seen a lot of other fan favorites. I got to see Ron Glass and other cast members from Firefly and also have seen most of the cast from the original Star Wars Trilogy including Carrie Fisher. I went to three Dallas Fan Expos where I met and seen most of these people. I met Jack Hanna at UTA for a wildlife lecture.

I have been filmed for an upcoming Texas Parks and Wildlife Episode.

I started fossil hunting at the age of six.

I was in the Future Farmers of America Program in high School where I judged Cattle, raised and showed rabbits, I held office as a Reporter, I was on the Entomology ID team two years running in 2011 and 2012 and we won and held state champs title for two years.

My big dreams in life are to go to Australia, South America, Africa, and parts of Asia and Europe to travel and look at wildlife and see some famous sights. I also want to learn how to dive and do some underwater photography.

I ran a nature club at Tarrant County College South Campus that was running strong but we had to temporarily stop for Covid-19.

Favorite things to do in nature are looking for dragonflies, mothing, birding, and love to go caving, hiking, fossil hunting, rockhounding.

I joined iNaturalist back in 2015 or so. I volunteer for a few parks and love to travel outside my home area. I love BioBlitzes and love to participate in any of them that come along. I love all sciences but natural sciences are the ones I am stronger in and understand the best.

I grew up watching sci-fi, comedies and cartoons yes; but I did grow up on nature shows. Nature, Nova, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, Wild America, anything from David Attenborough, Kratt's Creatures, Zoboomafoo, The Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin), Bill Nye the Science Guy, Beakman's World, Wild America, Jungle Jack Hanna's ZooLife, Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures, Jack Hanna's Into the Wild, Walking with Dinosaurs, Really Wild Animals, I watched a lot of nature shows. I still watch and read a great deal of natural history books and shows. I am a big National Geographic fan and love Shark Week on Discovery and some of the shows on Animal Planet.

I have always loved animals. I have had three dogs, four hermit crabs, several hamsters, an Hedgehog, a Green Iguana, Three Rabbits one Dutch and two English Lops, I also had a lot of Betta Fish growing up. I was also given two silk worm moths by my fourth Grade Science teacher on the last day of school in the Fourth Grade as a gift. They were cocoons but I had watched them grow up in their full life cycle I was a regular Dr. Doolittle at my house. I have always loved animals and love to connect with nature in anyway I can.

I have autism and nature has been the way I stimulate the most of my brain and it has helped me find the peace within me and has made me smarter in a few ways. I love to spend each day I can out in nature. I am never without my daily does of nature. Even if I am stuck in the house I love to read nature books or nature posts on social media. I am always on Facebook with friends and looking at nature pages. I also have my own Instagram page. Both I have dedicated to nature and nerd stuff. I just love sharing what I love and not what I don't. I think that nature is the most important thing in this universe. Without it we could not exist.

I am currently at Tarrant County College getting my basics but learning how to further my photography skills. I plan to transfer to UT Arlington to go even further with it and become a professional wildlife photographer. I would like to work with National Geographic someday but I have also thought about a few other ideas I might want to take on. I am a pretty ambitious type and love to go all the way. If I want something bad enough as they say in Firefly "No power in the verse can stop me." My love for nature has kept me going to new heights and what not. I am thinking about going all the way to my masters degree in photography.

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