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07 de enero de 2017

The Start of 2017

I have finally reached my first 200 observations and added two more to that list. In all so far I have 202 observations on my list. This year is turning out to be a good year. However the last few observations were from last year. I do however have several photos from my last bird outing. I have been trying to find time to get outside but it has been so cold. I know cold weather attracts birds but it was snowing yesterday and now it is beginning to warm up here in a little while; maybe about next week it will be a good time to go out and travel to my usual areas of interest. I still have that April nature contest to help out with which will be very interesting. It won't be long before I am back in school and I will be looking for creatures at school. It seems that School is a hot bed of activity. I have been keeping tabs at the South Campus but I am wanting to go back to Southeast campus to do some documenting there if at all possible. The mission I created last year is not just for South Campus but for all TCC Campuses in the TCCD District. I have a few more areas I would like to check out soon but I am hoping to continue to do more research in the areas I am familiar with. Sambiology says that there are some organisms at Elmer W. Oliver that haven't been found yet so that adds a bit of a secondary challenge for me. I may have to check back year round to see what is what. I am so excited to continue observing and documenting for this site. I still have somethings I haven't added to my list yet but I will add them soon. I have a few observations from when I was was out Volunteering last year while I was accumulating my first 40 hours so I could get certified as a full fledged Crosstimbers Texas Master Naturalist. Getting 202 observations was pretty easy but yet it has been challenging. I do however enjoy seeing things I have never seen before. It seems that last year was all about bugs and fungus for the most part. This year I am hoping to see many more insects and even more birds. I really want to travel out of my local areas to search for stuff out of my home range. I seem to stay in one place mainly as you can tell on my observation tab map. I However staying in one area and doing extensive research is good to get a complete list of organisms that are in one particular area. I have found some things that are not too common to observe. Some are really hard to ID. I need to do some more digging to see if I can't ID some of my unidentified observations. Am doing good so far. I just need to keep at it and double that number of observations. 2017 is going to be a great year and I think that it is going to be another year of discovery. Things are going to be good and I am going to try my hardest to get out more and go exploring this year. I hope that this year will be a good one and I hope that I will be able to find several new and wonderful interesting things; Only time will tell.

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29 de enero de 2017

Time Travel with obervations and a look back at my journey

Okay so I know that Time Travel is not invented yet but I have went back in time going through a bunch of older photos that I have not posted on any site as of now. Some of my spottings have been found at my house, places I used to help out at, and some places are my old every day haunts. For the most part I have found several creatures in my photos that I forgot I had. Some are weirder than others and most of them are of the insect veriety. I know I may be known as galacticbirder but the truth is according to my Inaturalist page I am a total insect and spider nut. I mean I have found several kinds of beetles, moths, flies, and other things and the list of insects has doubled since the last post that was of my more recent encounter. For the last week or so inbetween School and home I have been working very hard to get all that I have spotted from the year 2015 and early 2016 from way before I took the Texas Master Naturalist trainings and am starting to post my forgoten and lost rediscovered photos. I have made tons off new lifers. One called the Carloina Metallic Tiger Beetle (according to Sambiology) Is possibly the first one to be seen for the Botanical Gardens. I spotted that one in 2015 and that is the second organism that I have made the first spotting for an area. The Red Spotted Antmimic was one that had not been seen at the Fort Worth Nature Center and I just happened to find one in the class room and took a picture and sent it straight to Inaturalist. I have made great progress and now have a grand total of 309 total observations and a total of 216 known species according to my iNat app. That number is indeed going to change due to the massive ammount of unposted observations I still have to make. It has been a very productive two years. I have found so much and I am happy with all of what I found. This program is a lot better than Pokemon Go and I love using iNaturalist a lot. It has helped me keep a track of my findings and the species I have encountered. Doing this travel back buisness I have found several cool insects and some that are very near and dear to my heart. I have made some pretty unforgettable posts. Not only from the previous past spottings but from newer posts too. I have had more older posts but I am hoping to get threw with the old stuff soon and will hopefully get back on track and get some newer stuff come springtime. I have been very busy putting in ever bit of detail and what I know in these posts and I have been making progress but the old photo barrel keeps getting fuller and fuller. It is very cool that I have the photos and it is great that I have made several new and amazing lifers. Some I have already seen others I didn't even know what were. One thing is for certain I will never stop loving this program. It has been a life changing experiance and has helped me fine tune my skills of observation and even my photography. Some pictures do come out bad but I always try to bring my best work into my spottings. Sambiology was the one that really sold this site to me in his talks. I used another project but it is nothing compared to this one. I am glad that I was able to make the switch this site is more reliable and quicker to get a response. It is a very fascinating tool and I have spent hours contributing to it. I wasn't too sure how to use it at first but then it was made clear and I started using it during the classes I took last fall and since have never looked back. I have found all the photos that I thought were good and that were worthy of posting. I left all the unrecognizable stuff out and kept the good stuff in. I am almost done with the early observations and I am still trying to get out and look for stuff since it is still winter birding season. It will not be long till spring is here and you can bet just as sure as the sky is blue that I am going to have more spottings in the near future. It is going to be one heck of a year and my camera will be nothing but a blaze once the rest of the seasons come and go. It has been a good few years of discovery even though I am a little late posting the old stuff. As they say better late than never I guess. There is so much out there and you can't help but want to explore. For me every day has been an adventure. One thing after another and being an boniifed budding naturalist I am so happy to be a part of this community. It has opened my eyes and I know I may come off a bit over enthusiacstic but I tell it like it happened and it is pretty cool not to have all the answers. I for one am still learing ID marks and stuff. As the years go by I understand more of the importance these sites are and they are wonderful. These help us better understand the world around us and in a world full of constant change and uncertatainty these sites are very important and it is vital that we keep possting our findings, keeping data, and collecting vital information. My jounrey has led me to this site and I am with like minded people who help me understand what things are and interesting aspects. That is beauty of having a community having your back if you are unsure or goof up they can tell you and point you in the right direction. This site is a great one and it is the perfect one for our changing world. The world is your classroom; dare to explore it. You'll never know what is just around the bend.

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