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06 de octubre de 2016

Recent Pollinator trips.

It has been a very interesting few weeks. For the most part after school I go out to many differant parks and I have been looking for pollinators since it is that time of season when the Monarch Butterflies are going through. I have found several interesting species of bees, wasps, butterflies, and several other insects. I am trying to familiarize myself with many insects and trying to find subject matter to do amature studiees. The pollinators have proven very interesting and very numorous. I have seen a few new species I didn't know existed like the Long Horn Bee which is a small white bee that has very long antenna. The metallic bees are also very intersting. Being around the Palpda species is a great chance to study the art of mimicry and desception it is an interesting disguise that the Palpda Vinetorum. It looks just like a bee to keep predators away and keep us humans looking twice. Studying pollinators is also a great way to study their predators I have found. On one of my excursions I saw first hand a Stagmomantid eating a small Pollinator. Spiders are also in the mix and often pray upon unsuspecting pollinators like the master of camoflage the Lynx spider. Though I have not seen a lynx spider I have heard other naturalist talk about them. Spiders and mantids and birds all cause predation to pollinators. This time of year is the perfect time to spend time with pollinators before the year's winter. I am so excited for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Pollinator BioBlitz which is coming up tomorrow through the sixteenth. I am sure to have fun with that. I will keep my camera close on the days I know I can get out and go hiking. Yes this time of year the pollinators are busy pollinators help keep our plants numorous and diverse. Bees will turn their catch into honey in their hives. Pollinators are very important to the survival of the Earth. Without Pollinators we will surely suffer a slow and painful death. That is why we must educate about them and protect them at all costs. It is up to us to stand up to the little guys. And it isn't just bugs hummingbirds too are fueling up for their migration back down to southern parts. They too help us in keeping species alive. Everything is interconnected and Without pollinators we would be between a rock and a hardplace. I enjoy watching them and I have been able to get real close and some pollinators don't consider me at all a threat and mind their own as they go on to their duty while they forage for the sweet stash. I love pollinators and consider them true and valued friends of everybody. They are a very interesting cast of characters and are very beautiful in their own special ways.

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