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24 de abril de 2019

City Nature Challenge 2019 Game Plan

It's that time again; time for the iNaturalist City Nature Challenge 2019. This year will be a little different for me because I will be volunteering some of my time to a couple of places. Chisholm Trail and Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge are needing my help this year and I didn't want to disappoint them. That means Friday and Monday will be the only two days I will have to do some major park hopping. I have a wide range of parks to choose from. Friday I will be starting my quest at the River Legacy area. I will be going down to the pond, forest areas, and of course the AISD trail for a little bit early that morning. I will go down to the Village Creek Historical Site for a little while and see what I can turn up around there. I also be making my way to Crystal Canyon since that is all right there. I may not go to the Village Creek Drying Beds but it is a possibility that I might. That will basically be the morning and around the twelve o'clock hour. Then I will high tail it to lunch and then get back on the trail making my rounds to Stovall Park for a little bit to find some pollinators and beetles. I have bought a new net and petri dishes to catch insects with. I will be looking for anything and everything but mostly insects. I will also bring along my snake stick and my beat sheet too just to pull out all the stops. Then I will head over to Elmer W. Oliver before my aunt comes to get me so I can go up to Parr Park for their bat night. I have my headlamp ready to go and get night photos too. I just bought a lot of equipment for this four day bioblitz. I will make sure I beat out my old number of observations I got last year. I will be doing a lot at Nature Con at the FWNC&R and a lot at Chisholm Trail community park. On Monday I might swing by TCC Southeast Campus and look for stuff around the pond, I also need to go to Elmer W. Oliver, Lake Arlington, Thora Hart Park. Monday I might go to all the smaller places but Friday I am going to enter the areas where I get the most stuff. I think that will be the smart way to go. There is always a change in the plans and sometimes it is a change for the better but I am not doing too many events this year at the smaller parks so that will be a change to my plans. I am certain that I will be able to bring my A game this year and I hope I bring a big catch to the table. My Canon Rebel T6 is at my ready and all systems are go. I got a huge supply of petri dishes, I also have some knew knee pads. I also bought a new pair of rubbers and hikers so I can get into the ponds and rough it more. I hope it goes well. I am eager to get this show on the road we only have a couple of more days before the four day challenge. I just want to say DFW lets win back our title! We have to do it this year! Let's show them what we are made of and how many species we really have. I will be seeing a couple of you on the trail I am sure. So I hope to see you there. Until then this is Zachary Chapman signing off.

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