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12 de diciembre de 2023

Final Official Bioblitz for Sarasota Manatee EcoFlora Project - The Future

Hello Everyone!

The last bioblitz officially for the Sarasota Manatee EcoFlora Project is tomorrow at the Terra Ceia Preserve State Park Trailhead 384 Terra Ceia Rd, Palmetto, FL 34221 at the end of hightower road. You can sign up on the Selby Gardens website. The bioblitz is 9am to 12pm and registration is on the website in case we need to reschedule, contact guests, or other issues as well as supply a map.

Mile a Minute vine Ipomoea cairica is much faster than we like to take our hikes at Selby really stopping to smell the morning glories and boy does Terra Ceia have some glorious ones! This was taken at one of our previous ecoquests at Terra Ceia when we were looking for glassworts.

Also found at Tera Ceia the Nine Banded Armadillo or Dasypus novemcinctus is one of the many beautiful species we have seen on our hikes in the Ecoflora Project.

It has been a great pleasure for me to guide so many budding botanists through the Sarasota Manatee EcoFlora Project. Selby Gardens will still have future bioblitzes, projects, and ways the public can participate the active funding and my time are over. My love and knowledge for plants have really bloomed through my time here and it has been a delight to meet and work with so many talented botanists, horticulturists, park managers, and citizen scientists. The iNaturalist project itself will stay up and continue to grow, being occasionally updated with Selby Gardens hikes and projects that are relevant to you all. If you ever see a khaki creature wandering through the swamps of Florida, it's probably me so come say hi as a fellow hiker and explorer.

Leafing you with one final pun,
Sean Patton

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