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01 de agosto de 2020

August Ecoquest - Living on the Edge

Sarasota-Manatee EcoFlora's EcoQuest challenge for August 2020 will be Living on the Edge, focusing on freshwater plants along shorelines of ponds, rivers, and wetlands, both natural and man-made. Florida is a very wet state with a diversity of habitats such as swamps, marshes, lakes, and rivers - each with their own unique plant communities. Freshwater shoreline plants provide habitat and food for wildlife, reduce erosion, and improve water quality by absorbing nutrients and pollutants. They not only make our ponds and lakes more beautiful, but also contribute to a healthy Florida ecosystem. To learn more, check out the University of Florida’s information on Florida’s aquatic and wetland plants, and a guide to our native species.

August is the height of our rainy season when many of our aquatic plants are flowering, fruiting, and growing - so join us in exploring Florida’s freshwater plants that are Living on the Edge!

Some excellent areas to search are nearby lakes, detention ponds, neighborhood drainage ditches, and wetlands. Parks with abundant wetland species include Myakka River State Park, Red Bug Slough, and Rye Preserve. Whenever going into wet areas keep an eye out for snakes and gators and do not harass any wildlife nor go into areas you have poor visibility.

Be sure to join this month's project here and see your watery wonders in this month's challenge, Living on the Edge! https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/living-on-the-edge-sarasota-manatee-ecoflora-challenge-august-2020

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