Plecoptera of Vermont

Hi everyone! I have put together this list of known Plecoptera in Vermont. The original list was put together from the species listed in The list of valid plecoptera names available at and Myers et al 2023. To that, I added species that were identified on Inaturalist and bugguide and also GBIF data and the list now contains 89 species. That is 10 more species than the number reported in Myers et al 2023 although I probably have made some mistakes and there might be some synonyms in this list.

Acroneuria abnormis
Acroneuria carolinensis
Acroneuria lycorias
Agnetina capitata
Allocapnia granulata
Allocapnia maria
Allocapnia minima
Allocapnia nivicola
Allocapnia pechumani
Allocapnia pygmaea
Allocapnia recta
Allocapnia vivipara
Alloperla atlantica
Alloperla chloris
Alloperla concolor
Alloperla idei
Alloperla leonarda
Alloperla petasata
Alloperla petesata
Alloperla voinae
Amphinemura linda
Amphinemura nigritta
Amphinemura wui
Bolotoperla rossi
Capnura manitoba
Cultus decisus
Cultus verticalis
Hansonoperla appalachia
Haploperla brevis
Helopicus subvarians
Helopicus subvarians
Isogenoides doratus
Isogenoides fontalis
Isogenoides hansoni
Isoperla francesca
Isoperla holochlora
Isoperla kirchneri
Isoperla montana
Isoperla orata
Isoperla pseudosimilis
Isoperla signata
Isoperla similis
Isoperla slossanae
Isoperla transmarina
Leuctra duplicata
Leuctra ferruginea
Leuctra laura
Leuctra maria
Leuctra sibleyi
Leuctra tenella
Leuctra tenuis
Leuctra variabilis
Malirekus iroquois
Nemoura arctica
Oemopteryx contorta
Oemopteryx glacialis
Ostrocerca albidipennis
Ostrocerca complexa
Paracapnia angulata
Paracapnia opis
Paragnetina immarginata
Paragnetina media
Paraleuctra sara
Paranemoura perfecta
Perlesta nelsoni
Perlinella drymo
Prostoia completa
Prostoia completa
Prostoia similis
Pteronarcys biloba
Pteronarcys comstocki
Pteronarcys dorsata
Pteronarcys proteus
Rasvena terna
Shipsa rotunda
Soyedina vallicularia
Soyedina washingtoni
Strophopteryx fasciata
Suwallia marginata
Sweltsa lateralis
Sweltsa naica
Sweltsa onkos
Taenionema atlanticum
Taeniopteryx burksi
Taeniopteryx maura
Taeniopteryx nivalis
Taeniopteryx parvula
Tallaperla maria
Utaperla gaspesiana

L. W. Myers, R. E. DeWalt, S. A. Grubbs, and M. Graziosi. 2023 A Preliminary List of Vermont Stoneflies (Plecoptera) and a call for Volunteers to Collect Specimens in Vermont and other Northeastern States

B.P. Stark, R.W. Baumann, and R.E. DeWalt. 2009 Valid Stonefly Names for North America

I originally made this post to ask for specimens but the people who are working with stoneflies in the area have already done that. I was unaware of this when I started working on this list and I only saw that there had been a checklist of stoneflies made for Vermont (Myers et al 2023) after I completed the first draft of this list. That being said, if you are interested in collecting plecoptera then I am sure the people who are studying stoneflies in the are would be interested in specimens.

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Nice work! And amazing diversity, at least from my perspective on Martha's Vineyard, where this order is really poorly represented.

Anotado por mpelikan hace 3 meses

@mpelikan Yeah, it is more species than I was expecting. You should definitely try to document the species around you. Did you go to the talk about Plecoptera at the Northeast Natural History Conference last year?

Anotado por origamilevi hace 3 meses

No, I missed that talk. I expect we've got very low diversity where I live - not a lot of freshwater systems generally. There may have been some species picked up in stream and pond surveys - I'll have to check into that.

Anotado por mpelikan hace 3 meses

Nice work on this, impressive diversity! @declanmccabe - do you know of any other species in the state not on this list?

Anotado por larry522 hace 3 meses

Hi @larry552 my work has been with benthic samples IDed to family or genus. Here's a list of the various genera (all orders) we found. Most of the college student IDs went to genus; and the high school partners in the project often went to family. Some of the taxonomy has changed since we put this together. It started out with the 2008 edition of the Merritt, Cummins, & Berg text. I have a lot of data from 70+ streams and many benthif samples from Lake Champlain...I need to do something with the data and the curated samples.

Anotado por declanmccabe hace 3 meses

As I mentioned before @declanmccabe, if you get these into DwC format (I can show you how), I can publish your data on the Vermont Atlas of Life server to GBIF. Here's some examples of data already - and this feeds into our pipeline here for exporation too - over 9 million records.

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace 3 meses

I can get you a list of these from DEC aquatics division too @origamilevi so you can compare to them too. Stay tuned. Also, if you are interested, I'd love to publish a checklist of species to the Vermont Atlas of Life and I can show you how to create a file of these names in DwC format so we can do that, if you are interested.

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace 3 meses

This is from the aquatics division at VT DEC:

Luke Myers at SUNY Plattsburgh has compiled a preliminary list for VT primarily using adult surveys. One additional species from our records that is missing from that list is Acroneuria internata.

See list and note in the VES Newsletter - Number 118 Spring/Summer 2023 - A Preliminary List of Vermont Stoneflies (Plecoptera) and a call for Volunteers to Collect Specimens in Vermont and other Northeastern States by: L. W. Myers, R. E. DeWalt, S. A. Grubbs, and M. Graziosi

You already used the resource, but thought I'd share what they said anyhow.

Anotado por kpmcfarland hace 3 meses

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