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Living in Marion County, Oregon, USA. I love natural sciences such as entomology and geology, and collect insects (mainly beetles) and scorpions. When I actually have the time and energy, I also love to go fishing with friends and family. Currently my insect collection consists of around 4,700 specimens, but I don't have enough time to sit down and count them all, so the number is approximated. Currently I am raising and/or breeding around 18 different types of arthropods, not including my birds, fish, and mammals. I am a first year high school student, but turning fifteen here soon.

  • Myself and @reptipods are attempting to gather as many specimens as possible from all over the West Coast of North America, at two or more specimens of each species, preferably with verified IDs, in order to create a reliable synoptic collection. Though if we can gather specimens of the same species from many different locations, that would be great! As the amount of material, as well as photographic specimens grows, we are organising them all taxonomically into a website where the collection specimens will be displayed. Eventually, the website will be made public for others to use. If you are interested in swapping specimens, please feel free to contacting either @reptipods or myself, all specimens are appreciated.
    Our goal is to form a complete collection of the Zopheridae and Carabidae found along the West Coast of North America; California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Southwestern Yukon, and Alaska. We are trying to, for the most part, gain access to specimens on our own, but trading is currently the best way for us to receive specimens that are not from locations where we often visit. If you have any information on the diets of any beetles that information would also be much appreciated, please dm one of us the information, and what beetle(s) it is connected to. Even if we don't yet have photos of a species, the information can still be used. Thank you to anyone who can help!

  • Discord iNaturalist 2022 Bioblitz, team Lemon-tipped Helicopters.
  • Team Kiwi Fruits -- Discord iNaturalist 2022 Blitz
  • When it comes to entomology, I am almost fully self-taught, but have been finding many skilled entomologists, both professionals and hobbyists, who are helping me go to the next level! Thanks to all of my mentors, and anyone who has assisted and taught me!
  • PLEASE REMEMBER that I am not in any way a professional, I do not yet know all of the terms and loops in and around the entomological world, and am still learning.
  • My primary interests are Carabidae, Elateridae, Forficulidae, Vetches, and some other beetles, though I do have some experience with Willamette valley insects from before I was on iNat.
  • I will sometimes forget to check the localities when identifying observations, and please, do call me out on it, and I will probably change my ID.
  • At this time, I am working on a handful of projects, such as my;
    Youth Incentive Award Island Biogeography Project
    [Connected to the YIA project listed above] - Carabidae of the Willamette River***
    Tracking Ranges of Nebria brevicollis in North America
    As well as a mini project I am trying to complete before 2026, where I am attempting to record at least two of every species found at Bair Park.
    Summer 2023 I will be making it back to England for a number of weeks.
    Summer 2024 I will be going down to Costa Rica for just over a week for a nature trip connected to the high school I go to.

  • You can find me on YouTube as carabid_47, but my videos are not high quality, and so far are mainly made to showcase the behavior of living arthropods or skits.
  • If you have any questions, comments, simply want to converse, or otherwise, please feel free to send an email to me either through iNaturalist, or through
    carabid_47#9486 on Discord

Best regards from Oregon,

  • I stand with Ukraine and all who support it, I hope for this to end soon on good terms--preferably somewhat peaceful ones.

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Check out my incredible partner @reptipods profile here on iNat
His jumping spider project;
And all of the incredible observations he has made here;

***For all the observations involved in this project, go to the iNaturalist search filters, and within the box entitled "Description/Tags" type YIA Island Biogeography Project, and all that have so far been uploaded should show up. I currently have around 250+ specimens that need to be uploaded from the project, these are all to be uploaded over the course of a few months following September 6, 2022.

Please don't try to sell me specimens, I will say no.

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