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I am 14 and absolutely love to search for arthropods, reptiles, and amphibians whenever I get the chance. I am still learning, so sorry if I have a lot of questions or identify incorrectly.
Unfortunately there are a few groups that I am not the best at which are mostly ants, bees, wasps, sawflies, flies and most fungi. If I make an observation of one of these groups, I will most likely be trusting the AI, so sorry if I get it wrong.

If I have a question mark in the notes section of an observation, that most likely means that I just went with what the AI thought.

Weeds are cool. Most of my plant observations will consist of cool plants, weeds and succulents (so pretty much all of them)

I am currently working on a project which is a species count in a park very near to my house. Those species can be seen here:

I have a very small insect collection of mostly Carabids and some other groups like Elateridae and Scarabidae. I also have a few jumping spider specimens. I am working on expanding my collection, and will mostly be focusing on Pterostichinae.

I also have a few pets including carabids, cats, a leopard gecko, jumping spiders, rhino beetles and some other random arthropods.

I am participating in the bioblitz this year (2022) and I am on the team "lemon-tipped helicopters"

Thank you for checking out my profile!

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