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Feel free to use my photos but let me know what you are using them for please ;)


I am 15 and absolutely love to search for arthropods, reptiles, and amphibians whenever I get the chance. I am still learning, so sorry if I have a lot of questions.
I mostly observe insects and spiders and unfortunately there are a few groups that I am not the best at which are ants, bees, wasps, sawflies, flies, and termites. If I make an observation of one of these groups, I will most likely be trusting the AI. My favorite group right now is Zopheridae. Please tag me on any ironclad observations and I would be glad to help with identification.

My dear pal @carabid_47 and I are currently attempting to assemble synoptic collections of two families from the western coast of the U.S.: California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Southwestern Yukon, and Alaska. I am focusing on Zopheridae and @carabid_47 is collecting Carabidae. Please contact either of us if you've got specimens you would like to donate, or if you would like to trade with us. Thanks to anyone that helps!
We will be creating a website to showcase our specimens for fellow beetle people to use as a reference/key. Anyone who helps us will be mentioned on the site unless they would rather remain unnamed.

If I have a question mark in the notes section of an observation, that most likely means that I just went with what the AI thought.

I am currently working on a project which is a species count in a local park. Those species can be seen here:

I have a mediumish insect collection contaning many different beetle families. My main goal at the moment for my collection, however, is to collect as many Zopherids as possible. If you have any unwanted Zopherid specimens I would gladly take them, or if you would like we could try to work out a trade.

I also have a few pets including cats, a ball python, jumping spiders, rhino beetles, stag beetles, a vinegaroon, some tenebs, a random Polyphylla larva that still hasn’t pupated, feather millipedes, a couple isopod species, a Scolopendra viridis and some other random arthropods.

Possibly undescribed species I've seen:

I am also on YouTube and my name is “reptipods”
Thank you for checking out my profile!

Places my photos and information have been used:
My other project:

Please take a look at my amazing friend @carabid_47’s profile and awesome observations here:

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