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07 de mayo de 2019

This is a journal post that may or may not appear on your dashboard

Though I think it should appear on your dashboard. I am mentioning @carrieseltzer and @inara.

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16 de mayo de 2019

New Requirements to Sending Messages, Making Projects, and Making Places

We've just made the following changes

1) To send a message you must have 3 verifiable observations or 3 identifications added for others. New users who haven't met this requirement will still be able to reply to messages.
2) To make a traditional project or a place you must have 50 verifiable observations. New users who haven't met this requirement can still make new collection and umbrella projects.

A verifiable observation is an observation that has a date, a location, media evidence (image or sound), and has not been voted captive/cultivated.

There are a few reasons we're doing this, but first and foremost is to emphasize that iNat is about observations and identifications. Everything else is secondary, if not tertiary, and folks who want to use iNat's other features should always understand the iNat experience from the perspective of an observer and/or an identifier. We see a lot of people signing up for iNat and trying to make a project right off the bat, which often leads to some confusion on the project creator's part about the behavior of their participants or what all the various settings mean. I would have preferred to apply this restriction to collection and umbrella projects as well, but that seemed to get a lot of pushback. Places have similar problems, largely because of people creating place records for places that already exist.

There are also some technical reasons for doing this, particularly regarding places. Making new places that encompass lots of observations kicks off automated background jobs that can take a really, really long time, and sometimes that affects site performance for everyone. One could argue that no one should have the ability to do this, but we feel pretty strongly that new users definitely should not be able to do this.

Regarding messages, recent phishing campaigns have convinced us that we need to make it a little harder for new users to send messages. We don't think three observations or three identifications is a very high bar, but hopefully it will dissuade some bad actors.

As with everything else on the site, this is all subject to change, so if we need to raise these barriers higher, or remove them again, we'll reconsider.

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21 de mayo de 2019

Bay Area happy hour Friday May 24 at Social Kitchen in SF

Hey folks, we're doing another happy hour this Friday:

May 24 (Friday), 6pm
Social Kitchen & Brewery
1326 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122

Join us! Let's see, who's in SF. @rebeccafay and @kestrel, of course. @joelle, @robberfly, @metsa, @ocean_beach_goth. @ang, any chance you'll be working in SF with @mrchasse that day?

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