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03 de junio de 2009

Writing things down in Redwood

Went for a walk around Redwood Regional Park again this past weekend. With Spring close to done, there aren't a lot of new things to photograph, so I decided that in lieu of madly photographing every cool flower and bug I came across, I'd just try writing things down for once. The trail down from Skyline to the creek was actually pretty hoppin' with birds and some flowers, including my first fringecups, which definitely merited some pics. The Pac-slope Flycatcher by the creek was a beautiful little sighting too. I hiked back along the eastern ridge in the park (not sure if it has a name), which I was surprised to find almost entirely devoid of life, at least in the scrub. Very dry. I kind of wonder if gets even less moisture than other areas due to being the lee of the ridge to its west. The northern part of this ridge near the Skyline parking lot actually seemed like it might make for good birding. Lots of widely spaced pines and sparse mid-level canopy. Might be worth an early-morning trip.

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