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17 de octubre de 2010

Birding Coyote Hills, October 2010

Birding seems to get me in a journaling mood, I guess because I'm more interested in the number of species. This was our first outing of the winter, mostly out searching for ducks, which we found in abundance. The most notable bird for me was the female Blue-winged Teal, which Sarah picked out of a group of other female ducks by noting its white eye ring and overall shape, which I thought was some impressive birding-fu. In addition to the eye ring, the female also has a light patch at the base of the bill. Both marks set it apart from the female Green-winged Teal and the female Cinnamon Teal.

The baby kings snake was also a treat. Haven't seen one in a while. And Jesus, so many pelicans! Giant white flotillas of them. Zero diving ducks, probably due to the shallow waters we were perusing.

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