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08 de abril de 2023

Meet the Pre-Mavericks

UPDATE 28 July cleared Pre-Mavericks for South Africa
27 July we have 105 members, plus JP and I

UPDATE 7 July. To find your own Pre-Mavericks (the ones that slipped thru the cracks down the years) replace my name with yours - but you do need to join the project first.

5 people PMed me. Hurt, startled, a little angry to be labelled Maverick? 'Why pick on me, what did I do??'

Made a copypasta for them, but this journal post is for the - wondered, but not enough to ask outright.

The project is automated - think of it as a useful way to display a filtered list. NOT personal.

A Maverick on iNat, is when 3 people agree, and your ID is different. Usually means 'mine is wrong' but you can also be a Proud Maverick, where you see something in the pictures that shows you your species is right.

Replace my name with yours to see your own Mavericks

Since iNat requires more than two thirds to reach consensus and Research Grade - I wanted to know while I was still the one holding consensus back. Before the third ID has to be added against my 'wrong'. It racks up steeply, 2 wrong needs 5 against etc.

This brought us to the Pre-Mavericks project

Maverick is an iNat concept (but pre-maverick is mine). Does that help?

Background. I was chatting to @jeanphilippeb. Be careful what you wish for, it may come true. I would like to find ... And days later he came back with a carefully crafted link. Try this? JP is leaving the improved Pre-Mavericks in the project as 'someone is using that data'

First I encourage you to clear your own Mavericks. And get your own feeling for, why I tidy up. But it's too little too late.

If like me, you are a second level identifier (not necessarily a taxon specialist) I encourage you to tweak the Pre- Maverick link to your comfortable tiny slice. Your taxon, or your location, or your combo of taxon and location. You can triage between - what is blindingly obvious, add your informed ID and move it to Research Grade. Side with the Proud Maverick, because you agree the other 2 are wrong (now you need to - @mention some support, or target the Pre-Mavericks with your version of 'Please reconsider'). The middle chunk you may be able to @mention to a better ID, or Mark as Reviewed and move on. Easy and rewarding to move a chunk of obs to a finer taxon level.

A little daunting when you first tackle your chosen slice of Pre-Mavericks. Then move up a taxon level, or out a location level. When I publish this journal post I will have cleared Pre-Mavericks for the Cape Peninsula, then the Western Cape (South Africa) And those are now in my daily slices to ID.

Turning to Pre-Mavericks for Rest of Africa (beyond our border). Over 2K animals but another K with plants. Will take me some time as this is harder in every way. Not so many identifiers to call on. MANY unknown taxa, not simply a new to me species, but whole swathes of biodiversity! Also lots of obs trapped at Pre-Maverick by passive taxon swap / merges so worth another @mention if they are still active.

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