01 de marzo de 2023

650 species on Cape Peninsula

With 3 more today, I have hit 650!
I need to check all the usual suspects against what I think I have already observed. Many more to add ...

3 October I was at 600.

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11 de febrero de 2023

Plantae pre-mavericks for the Western Cape

Thanks to @jeanphilippeb I have a dedicated URL to chew thru.


UPDATE 25 February - I have chewed thru the planty pre-Mavericks for the Cape Peninsula.

I started on 2 February with 4140 obs.
Since these broad planty IDs are constantly added, running as fast as I can, chews that total down ... oh so slowly.
11 Feb 3660 obs at midday.

iNat let's us see our mavericks. But that is too little, too late. Tidying up AFTER trusted identifiers battled with my Wrong ID.

But pre-mavericks link, let's dedicated identifiers catch an obs when @mentioning, withdrawing mine, or informed agreeing with the better ID - can pre-empt piling up IDs to tip it from a broad and unhelpful ID (since taxon specialists can't filter for their taxon of choice) to filterable, or even Research Grade.

You can use the project https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/pre-maverick
to ID for your own chosen taxon / location.

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17 de enero de 2023

Planty limbo for Western Cape

This is a marathon. On a good day I can clear another hundred. Maybe it will take me a year?

Starting from the oldest, and skimming off some fresh new ones in between.
14K ...

From Plantae down to Order. If it is already in Family, taxon specialists can, and have, already worked thru the obs.

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18 de noviembre de 2022

Planty Limbo

Tackling the accumulating backlog for the Cape Peninsula.
Plantae down to Order ... where obs go to die.

2.5 K

Today I finished clearing what was trapped at Plantae. Leaving the utter mysteries in limbo. Shifting them to Difficult Dicots doesn't help.

Some I can rescue from notes. And some, which are clear, would have been caught up promptly if they had been left in Unknown to be seen.

Next ...
300 Bryophyta. Supported a few.

22 Nov - clearing the NOT angiosperms next.
Ferns - supporting, and clearing distribution errors. 2K to go

1,8K to go

Trapped at Angiosperm = almost 400 1.47K to go

24 Nov - Monocots

25 Nov bulbs

Restio almost 1K. One thousand times, yes - it's a restio. One not, and cleared a few duplicates. We need a restio specialist!
Cyperaceae 280. Cleared a few Cyperus textilis.
Poaceae another 1K

26 Nov Remnant monocots down to Family 1.3K to go
Tracheophyta 80

27 Nov Cape Peninsula Difficult Dicots only 900 1.2K to go
First the disagreements, and down to the last thousand.

2 Dec Red algae reviewed. 160 to go

3 Dec Green algae reviewed. Last hundred to go.

2.5K obs released from planty limbo today! (except the truly difficult and disagreeable ones)
Pushed down to epifamily and I am done.

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25 de octubre de 2022

September wildflower hikes

UPDATE - someone came from iNat yesterday and tried to subscribe via Feedly. I had an old, suddenly broken Feedburner feed. Now updated, so it works as intended.

This week our list runs to over one hundred species (but only 11 on my photos). I've been Fynbos Rambling for 5 years. In the first weeks my head exploded with ... ALL ... these ... new ... NAMES!! I carefully wrote down each plant we saw (we do restrict ourselves to flowering now, but it's still overwhelming) And I took photos of each one. First my list fell by the wayside, not enough hands to go round - and I rely on the archived list which is emailed to us later. Then I became more choosy about which plants were worth a few photos, for iNatting and my lifelist (618 Cape Peninsula species, four and a half thousand to go), or for help with tricksy IDs.

Back to September

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03 de octubre de 2022

600 species for the Cape Pensinsula

Including a few from this week's hike finally got me there.

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28 de septiembre de 2022

August wildflower hikes and 594 Peninsula species

Hope that I can squeeze another 6 local species in soon.


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24 de julio de 2022

Life list updated with June hikes

547 species on the Cape Pensinsula - surely I can find just 3 more!

Blog post with June hikes.

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16 de junio de 2022

500 species observed on the Cape Peninsula

Going to take me a long, long time to achieve the other half of my first K! But 4,700 to choose from.
Restricted to plants it is 426 seen vs 2,700 waiting.

Trying to photograph an ordinary Crassula capensis, I caught saxifraga instead. More of a mountain species, but come down to my level.

I wonder what inspired an early botanist to see 'saxifrage'?

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27 de mayo de 2022

Elephant's Eye on False Bay

I have a new project for the biodiversity in my garden. Some inherited exotic commonorgarden, my fynbos additions, with volunteer plants, small life and birds.

57 species (and 70 including the broader higher leaf taxa)

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