Planty Limbo

Tackling the accumulating backlog for the Cape Peninsula.
Plantae down to Order ... where obs go to die.

2.5 K

Today I finished clearing what was trapped at Plantae. Leaving the utter mysteries in limbo. Shifting them to Difficult Dicots doesn't help.

Some I can rescue from notes. And some, which are clear, would have been caught up promptly if they had been left in Unknown to be seen.

Next ...
300 Bryophyta. Supported a few.

22 Nov - clearing the NOT angiosperms next.
Ferns - supporting, and clearing distribution errors. 2K to go

1,8K to go

Trapped at Angiosperm = almost 400 1.47K to go

24 Nov - Monocots

25 Nov bulbs

Restio almost 1K. One thousand times, yes - it's a restio. One not, and cleared a few duplicates. We need a restio specialist!
Cyperaceae 280. Cleared a few Cyperus textilis.
Poaceae another 1K

26 Nov Remnant monocots down to Family 1.3K to go
Tracheophyta 80

27 Nov Cape Peninsula Difficult Dicots only 900 1.2K to go
First the disagreements, and down to the last thousand.

2 Dec Red algae reviewed. 160 to go

3 Dec Green algae reviewed. Last hundred to go.

2.5K obs released from planty limbo today! (except the truly difficult and disagreeable ones)
Pushed down to epifamily and I am done.

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