Cape Town spiders

At Kirstenbosch I found this spider. Nicely visible against the sky.

End of March I got hooked into

Working up from my Southern subspecies Trichonephila fenestrata fenestrata to the subfamily Nephilinae.

6 April - Argiope
8-10 April - Synema

10 April

  • Thomisus (stays at genus)
  • Oxytate argenteooculata = silver eyes
  • Peucetia viridis - African green lynx spider

11 April - Thomisidae


From Tony Rebelo about subspecies -

There is always a subspecies and variety with the same name: the nominotypical form.
It is dormant (and ignored) unless a second or more subspecies and varieties is described: these will differ from the nominotypical in some way.
But because subspecies are geographically distinct (almost by definition: in plants varieties can subdivide habitat by geology and be distinct, but subspecies cannot overlap by definition (otherwise they are different gene pool (if not they would just hybridise and merge) and therefore not a subspecies, but separate species) it is quite often that only one occurs in most of southern Africa, so we need only worry about one: the others can be in eastern, western or northern Africa, or the lowveld, or whatever, and therefore we (in Cape Town) can totally disregard them.

From Wynand Uys for Synema marlothii -
S. marlothi is said to be ^not a very common species^ but the description and photograph really match this ob well. Especially: ^Carapace is fawn with U-shaped darker brown around edge.^ as opposed to S. imitator: ^Carapace is dark green.^

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