Sea trip 2021: Planning

So I am finally getting some plans drawn out for another trek down at the coast of Texas. I was afraid with all the stuff going on like an expensive roof and ceiling repair we were not going to make it. We had a branch penetrate our roof during a pretty big storm but have since got the repairs in order. Most likely we will be around Corpus and Port Aransas like we always are. This time around Seashells and shore creatures will be on my list of things to document and photograph. I have since become rather interested in looking for more shells and other things to add to my list. The last big trip I took out to Galveston I found some nice bone samples too of fish and some crab carapaces. I have quite a few shells from previous years but not in very good amounts as I would like to have on my species list.

Aside from that this will be another three day trip since we are trying to save up for a bigger summer vacation. Still birding will be a major point on this adventure like always since the migration has ramped up once more. I am going to be doing a lot of beachcombing. I normally do a little bit here and there but this time I am making it a point to do some more but more thoroughly for this trip. I am already working on a target species list. I am looking forward to getting more shells and maybe one of those cool Nudibranchs I have been hearing about. I was watching a Texas Parks and Wildlife episode on PBS one time and they had a guy that was birding and he was showing off a piece of seaweed to show what the shorebirds eat. He pointed out a tiny sea slug and I thought that was pretty fascinating.

Looking for more than just those specific things. I am also hoping to do some shell collecting more or so. I will be looking for a few complete finds to display and begin working on a reference collection. So far shells and fossils have been on my mind ever since the Texas Master Naturalist annual meeting. I hope this trip runs smoothly; I am looking forward to getting some great photos. I am also thinking about getting my Nikon Coolpix L830 fixed up. I am going to get a second opinion on it for that is the camera I can get some sharper images and closer shots of hard to see things. My Canon Rebel T6 works just fine but I also want something with me that won't get as much sand contamination. Still even if I can't get that fixed I always have my phone I can use. Sure I don't like to use the phone as much; but since I am doing a lot of iNaturalist presentations and what not with small groups I need to learn how to use the phone more to help people get started.

Either way it will be fun to get some new species and new photos in. I am hoping the Whooping Cranes will be one I get finally get a photo of. I have been to Aransas National Wildlife Refuge three times already in the winter and still have not been able to get a shot. I had one chance but they were flying overhead and the shock of it all made me freeze I was just in awe. I am going to be doing some birding around the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge but I am also hoping to doe some stuff that I have not done before. One point I am looking into is the Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center. I have not been there before. I am also looking at Port Aransas Nature Preserve. I am trying to find some other places to find seashells; I pretty much have all the birding places I want to go already picked out for the trek. I also want to try and get back out to the Padre Island National Seashore and see what is out there in terms of birds.

I tell you guys back in 2015 it was all about the birds with me. I really failed to get a lot of the shells and other wildlife when I first went out. In 2016 I was able to come to my senses since I was on my way to become a Master Naturalist I taught myself to not just focus on the birds. 2017-2019 I have been doing much better getting observations and exploring more. Still I had kind of a slow start there for a bit but I have looked at my maps recently on this site and have been getting many more good tacks on the coastal map. I am looking forward to this year's exciting trip. I am looking forward to it.

After the trip and after Christmas I am planning to go to the North Sulphur River to do some fossil hunting around there. May do some iNatting around there too. I am so looking forward to the school break. I can just have sometime out in nature and relax. This semester has been good but stressful but the break is almost here and I am ready to kick back and go on another major adventure once more. I am still looking into going to the Atwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge. I still have not been out there yet. I am hoping I can do that on the way down or the way back up from the coast. Not sure but I have to go to that place some time. I may have to go back to Oso Bay area as well. I went to their nature center and I must say that place is simply wonderful. I also like the Hans and Sutter Wildlife Refuge I went out to that park around dusk back in 2018 and got some really nice images of some birds feeding at night. That was one of my favorite memories. Well I am going to put a gate on this entry but everything is coming along swimmingly (Pun intended). It is going to be a good trip and I can't wait to smell that salty air, feel the sand and listen to the crashing waves once more. The beach has been calling me all year. It is time again for another awesome beach trek.

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