The City Nature Challenge is coming to Philly! April 26-29.

Hey everyone!

Philadelphia (and all counties that share a direct border with the city of Philadelphia - DelCo, MontoCo, Bucks, Camden, Gloucester & Burlington) is competing in the City Nature Challenge for the first time this year and we could use your help to win! The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is a multi-day bioblitz type competition using iNaturalist where cities around the world compete to see who can observe the most species, make the most observations or get the most engaged residents. The CNC started out in 2016 as a competition between SF and LA, expanded to 16 cities across the US in 2017, and then went worldwide in 2018 with 68 cities. In 2019 we are competing against 130+ cities all over the world. While we are late to the party, I'm sure we can put up a good show in our first year and beat Pittsburgh!

I'm tagging you here because you are one of the top observers in our region and we cannot win without your help. You can either go out and iNat as you usually do, or you can let me know if you'd like to lead a trip to your favorite haunts and we'll get that up on our website ( and social media. After the main event, there is a second period from April 30-May 5th where we can go into the Identify section of iNat and ID observations made during the main challenge period so that we can boost our species totals. If you know anyone else who might be interested in participating in the CNC, please spread the word. You can also tag them in the comments.

Here are some useful links with more info:
Philly CNC website:
Philly CNC iNat project:
Main CNC website:
Last year's results:

Thanks for documenting the biodiversity of our region and we hope you'll help us during the CNC as well.

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Awesome! Thanks for organizing.

Anotado por gracejeschke hace mas de 5 años

Happy to, @gracejeschke. We've had a lot of organizations show interest already (, so I'm hoping to have a good first year.

Anotado por navin_sasikumar hace mas de 5 años

I'll try to get the word out. Thanks for getting us on the map.

Anotado por colinpurrington hace mas de 5 años

Thanks, Colin!

Anotado por navin_sasikumar hace mas de 5 años

I would be so gratified if we could beat San Francisco.

Anotado por annebekker hace mas de 5 años

We can do this! I will be on the Jersey side exploring. It is amazing the diversity of habitats and species just in this area!

Anotado por sandykeller hace mas de 5 años

Count me in!

Anotado por yan_tonz hace mas de 5 años

Thanks Navin, this is exciting! We can totally beat Pittsburgh! I would be happy to lead a group in the Wissahickon, but I it might be even better if I reach out to a contact at Friends of the Wissahickon to ask them to become a partner and lead an event. Thoughts?

If any county that shares a border is eligible, that really gives us lots of good areas to work with.

Kristina (@kmv)

Anotado por kmv hace mas de 5 años

Glad to see so many on board. Thanks, everyone!
@kmv Kristina, Friends of the Wissahickon is already a partner (I just don't have their logo yet), but they were planning to engage their volunteers to go out and make observations rather than lead a walk. But sure, go ahead and reach out to them, and maybe you can lead a walk in conjunction with them?

Anotado por navin_sasikumar hace mas de 5 años

Could I suggest adding the Facebook link ( to that main website ( Or perhaps I missed it — regardless, would be nice to have icon/link on every page.

Anotado por colinpurrington hace mas de 5 años

The title of this challenge is a bit mis leading. In the sense that a lot of south Jersey people would think just Philly. How can we publicize this more in south Jersey? If there's a facebook link, I can add to my facebook page? I can try and get the word out re various local club newsletters. Etc.

Anotado por sandykeller hace mas de 5 años
Anotado por colinpurrington hace mas de 5 años

@colinpurrington I've been meaning to do that. Thanks for the reminder! The social media links are in the header if you click the hamburger button (the three horizontal bars in the header), but that's not the ideal place for it. Unfortunately, with the theme and WordPress plan I'm using, that's where the social buttons go. I did also add the links to the homepage now and I'll add it to all the other pages manually later today.
@sandykeller Most other cities also use the anchor city name for their sites even if they cover larger areas, so that's what we went with as well. You can share the link that Colin shared/invite people to like the page directly. You can also just share the website or the main iNaturalist project page (which does say Greater Philadelphia Area):

Anotado por navin_sasikumar hace mas de 5 años

Can we add this project to our observations now while it is fresh in our memories? Thanks for organizing.

Anotado por sgreene13 hace mas de 5 años

Sorry just saw that we can do that on the Philly INat Challenge 2019 page.

Anotado por sgreene13 hace mas de 5 años

Yeah, you can join the project there. You don't need to since all observations made in the area during the time frame will count automatically. But I'll probably be posting project updates closer to and during the CNC and you'll get notified of them only if you join the project.

Anotado por navin_sasikumar hace mas de 5 años

Let the fun times commence. Thanks Navin.

Anotado por robizzy hace mas de 5 años

Thanks! I saved the web site link for inclusion in newsletters, etc. The facebook link will go on my facebook site in April. Too soon now.

Anotado por sandykeller hace mas de 5 años

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