Jennifer W. Hanson

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I'm an editorial freelancer (copyediting, indexing, writing, proofreading, research) who has worked on books about ornithological history and bird distribution, as well as a field guide. My nature-related writing has appeared in Birding, International Wader Studies, and Records of New Jersey Birds. I'm currently working on a guide to New Jersey moths.

I started out as a birder but soon became interested in insects; butterflies first, then odonates. Finally, I found moths and have been learning about them ever since. I've been photographing moths in my local area since August 2006. Most of my moth photos are from New Jersey (Plainsboro area and the Pine Barrens).

One of my moth photos appears in the Peterson Field Guide to Moths of the Southeastern United States. I've also contributed mapping data to the Moth Photographers Group website.

As a birder, I have served on the New Jersey Bird Records Committee (NJBRC) as a member and Assistant Secretary.

Other interests include butterflies, odes, and herps.

Currently based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. Lived in Plainsboro, NJ, for over 15 years. My current iNat uploads are a mix of things I'm currently observing and older images from my files.

Twitter: @ammodramus88

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