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I am an amateur naturalist. I am particularly interested in vascular plants, lichens and bryophytes; but I try, to the best of my ability, to undertake pan-species recording of my patch. My patch is the county of Sussex (the vice counties of East and West Sussex for biological recording purposes in the UK). I only travel by public transport to reduce my carbon footprint. I am a retired teacher (special education).

In a world of massive loss of biodiversity, it strikes me as really important to to widen the knowledge of the general public of what species exist in their local area, so that these species can be conserved; to conserve something something has to have a name. I think iNaturalist is useful for expanding the general public's interest in the nature around them; that's why I use it.

I am a volunteer ranger at RSPB Pagham Harbour and I volunteer with the Woodlands Trust's Lost Woods of the Low Weald and Downs developing awareness of lichens amongst the general public.

I am a member of the British Naturalists' Association, the British Lichen Society, the British Bryology Society, the British Mycological Society, the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, PlantLife, The Woodland Trust, the RSPC, the BTO, the Sussex Ornithology Society.

I write posts about my nature journeys in Sussex trying to identify what I see. I give details of how to get to these sites by public transport in order to promote public transport use. These posts can be accessed here:

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