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Biologistuderende ved Aarhus Universistet og interesseret i mange ting så længe det er på land, sidder stille, er småt, og helst gerne lidt obskurt, men særligt laverne er min store interesse. Jeg indberetter de fleste af mine fund til andre databaser (særligt Svampeatlas) og undgår helst at dobbeltrapportere. Jeg har derfor ikke mange observationer her, men hjælper gerne med ID.

Biology student at Aarhus University and interested in many things so long as they are terrestrial, sessile, small and preferably somewhat obscure, but lichens in particular are the center of my interests. I report most of my findings to other databases (primarily the Danish Fungal Atlas) and prefer not to make double reports. As such I have very few observations here, but I am happy to help with IDs.

Note: I sometimes make IDs in bulk as well as coarse IDs from Unknowns and other high levels. If I have added an ID that seems obvious e.g. "bird" on a bird it's to help people more experienced with birds find them in the system. If I have added an ID that disagrees with yours without explanation, or that you are otherwise confused about, and you want to know why, please @mention me and I will happily explain how I arrived at it.

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