Danilo Lüdke Curador

Unido: 22.jun.2021 Última actividad: 23.jun.2024 iNaturalist

Focus: True Bugs of Australia (Insecta : Hemiptera : Heteroptera)

Addicted to True Bugs (Heteroptera), chiefly interested in the Nabidae (Damsel Bugs) of the world and Australia's terrestrial bug fauna I'm curating for iNaturalist.

Nature-loving person based in Heidelberg/Germany, originally from Berlin. Biologist with majors in Ecology and Functional Genomics/Bioinformatics (TU Darmstadt & Frankfurt Uni/BMLS). Currently at the German Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, studying plant-pollinator interactions with help of Metabarcoding based on Environmental DNA (eDNA), and of course responsible for True Bug identification.
Passionate about everything beautiful, nature & sustainability, gardening, stars & space... Always on the road in nature things, citizen scientist and volunteer, or just bushwalking with my camera.

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