Kat Morgan

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I became a certified California Naturalist and Climate Steward in 2021-22 thanks to the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. I am a docent in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, CA, and a volunteer butterfly counter while they overwinter locally. I also volunteer with Sea Otter Savvy (SOS). I started with SOS in March 2022, doing community science & community outreach. We observe Southern Sea Otters in the Monterey Bay Area and record their behavior and the impact of "disturbances" (mostly people in kayaks getting too close to these predators - or, as I call it, PBB (people behaving badly)). I am a Certified Interpretive Guide. I'm pursuing a Certificate in Sustainable Behavior Change.. I also serve on the Board of Action for Nature which grants annual Young Eco-Hero Awards. AFN recognizes youth activists who are solving the world's most critical environmental problems by taking personal action for nature. I run a monthly online book group (Nature Loving Bookworms). I am also a mural-hunter, public art documentarian, photographer, and coach.

I love iNaturalist because I learn so much from this tool. I post to learn, especially when I'm not sure which species I'm seeing, or when I'm looking for confirmation of what I see. When I travel and the flora and fauna are new to me I use iNaturalist too. I also identify others' posts when I have a high degree of confidence in their identification or high confidence that it's incorrect.

I believe climate change is an existential threat that we know has been brought about by human activity. I believe actions to protect biodiversity, learn and educate about it, go hand in hand with direct action to combat climate change. I believe iNaturalist, and learning and connecting with nature, fuels such action.

I am a community scientist because I believe community science and scientific research are essential in the fight to support biodiversity, conservation, and combat climate change.

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