Sarah-Mae Nelson

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I am a marine biologist and climate change specialist. Raised in a family of outdoors people, I've spent my entire life in nature observing everything from doodle bugs to lady beetles, chickens to cassowaries, California poppies to Araucaria trees, gophers to blue whales, little brown mushrooms to giant bracket fungus, goldfish to humphead wrasse, and fence lizards to salt water crocs. I love to travel and see all the new fun life that I have never observed IRL before. I joined iNaturalist in its early days, but it wasn't until recently going to work for UC Environmental Stewards (the program that runs the California Naturalist course) that I got the buzz to add my sightings here. Going through old photos and finding stuff to add to iNat is a journey of rediscovery!

Nerd on, naturalists. Nerd on!

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