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I'm currently a Master's student at Texas Tech where my project aims to understand the cause of size variation in Hylogomphus geminatus across the Apalachicola drainage. I hold a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation, another in Mechanical Engineering, and a minor in Entomology, all from Virginia Tech. I focus primarily on insects, specifically aquatic macroinvertebrates and have worked in aquatic entomology labs since 2019. I'm a Stroud Society for Freshwater Science certified taxonomist for family-level aquatic macroinvertebrates of the east coast (US) and certified to the genus level for EPT in that region as well.

I also enjoy birding and herping and have worked as a shorebird technician on the Eastern Shore of VA and as a Golden-winged Warbler and Cerulean Warbler technician in West Virginia. Most of my free time is spent traveling and photographing birds and insects wherever I go. Feel free to tag me in posts or tell me I'm wrong.

I rarely ID mayflies to species, but I'm always happy to take a look and I often return to IDs I've made and refine them further as I learn more. Unfortunately, family is as far as I'm willing to go on most mayfly IDs. If you have a Facebook, I strongly encourage you to join the Mayfly Identification page where there are specialists from all over the world who can do much more for you than I can.

I also try to contribute all arthropod sightings to BugGuide where there are holes to fill. My BugGuide profile lists some of my state records there to date.

Some year in review stats:
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And here is a map of my identifications.

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