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nature enthusiast residing in pennsylvania ;)

username is sarcasm, i've no clue what i'm doing, but i know i'm having fun doing it. happy to share this space with you all.

number 1 identifier of domestic horses, verifiable and not
number 4 identifier of verifiable equines (#1 including non-verifiable)
number 6 identifier of verifiable odd-toed ungulates (#3 including non-verifiable)
number 1 identifier of coquerel's sifaka, verifiable and not

-- Q&A --

Q: how could you get an identification so wrong?
A: everyone makes mistakes! all i can do is offer my best guess, and sometimes i'm less sure than other times.

Q: why would you suggest an ID that you're unsure of or inexperienced with?
A: two main reasons: one, it can be a good starting-off point for observations without IDs or with few IDs. two, it allows me to expose myself more to new species and understand differences between them. it helps me learn and grow!

Q: why do you make a lot of vague or obvious identifications, like "plants" or "animals" or "birds" or "flowering plants"?
A: again, two main reasons: one, it can be a good starting-off point for observations without IDs or with few IDs; doing this may make observations more visible and increase their chances of getting more specific identifications. two, it allows me to become more engaged with the inaturalist community. i like getting involved, and this is a great way to do that. by offering a lot of suggestions, i get more updates on various observations and i get the chance to see more discussions and more species along the way.

Q: why is your observation not marked as captive/cultivated?
A: this would most likely be because it's not a captive/cultivated organism! obviously if there is reasonable belief that one of my observations is captive/cultivated and has not been marked as such, you are more than welcome to do that for me... i may have just forgotten to do that myself. but if there is lacking evidence that an organism is captive/cultivated in one of my observations, maybe just ask first. bring it up in the comments and if it truly is captive or cultivated i'll get to fixing it and be very appreciative of your kindness and patience :)

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