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If it crawls, I'm there.

I've had an interest in nature since I can remember. I'd love to explore the backyard and see what I could find. Also, reading. Lots of reading!

iNaturalist has been my introduction to this whole identifying business. I mostly look at waterfowl and lady beetles. See 'Species I've IDed' below for a full list of what I can identify and where.

I'm also owner of the Blond Mallards and The Long Necks projects. Please to join if you're interested!

Feel free to mention me in one of your observations or message me directly, I'll see if I can help with ID. If I make a mistake, please mention me so I can fix it.

Please don't identify my observations using the Computer Vision. I recommend only using it to start an observation off. ID with your own knowledge and experience. Thank you!

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