Noah Strycker

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Lifelong birder, author of several bird books (The Thing with Feathers, Birding Without Borders, Birds of the Photo Ark, National Geographic's Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America) and Associate Editor of Birding Magazine.

In 2015, I set a world-record "big year" by finding 6,042 species of birds in one calendar year, in 41 countries. I have a particular fascination with the polar regions, and have helped guide more than 50 expeditions to Antarctica and Svalbard. I'm now doing graduate research with Chinstrap Penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula through Stony Brook University, and started an iNaturalist account during the 2020 lockdown to focus on things closer to home - particularly local plants and insects. The community on iNat is amazing! Thank you to everyone who confirms or corrects IDs, especially with helpful comments.

My bird sightings are mostly on eBird, with a few here to pad my iNat list ;) I'm always happy to advise on birdy questions, or to be tagged on fun and interesting observations.

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