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I am an aspiring Forensic Entomologist and an avid insect enthusiast. I majored in Biology at Case Western Reserve University (Class of 2022). At Case, I have collected and reared insects (specifically Cabbage White butterflies) as part of a research project aimed at understanding how urbanization affects their development.

Currently I am working with numerous species as part of an agriculture science pesticide lab, including Fall Armyworms, Corn Rootworms, and Green Peach Aphids, as well as various nematodes and fungi.

Additionally, I have been collecting and preserving specimens for my own personal collection.

I am quite a novice when it comes to identifying the insects (and other organisms) I come across, so please correct me when I am in error.

Also, apologies for the poor photo quality, as I have only recently discovered iNaturalist and am lacking any camera other than my aging phone. I will likely re-upload any image I can in better quality once I have the means to do so.

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