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I am a Human Anatomist and backyard gardener at a small yard garden home in San Antonio. I am a Professor in the Department of Biology at The University of Texas at San Antonio. This year, 2018, I started a winter garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, and yellow squash. I had blossoms but not many pollinators from October through November. November 12 - 15 we had our ‘winter’ frost weather with a ‘strong’ freeze (bird bath ice but easily poked finger through). Protected most of my plants with still blossoms and went to Leowes to find some blossoms to have nectar for any remaining/surviving pollinators. Saw my first 3 observations where the mums were the only flowers there with all kinds of nectar feeders/pollinator candidates. Had a honey bee hive a few years ago, natural in an old tree we unfortunately had to cut down. Family and neighbors would not allow a repeat of that - so I am seeking solitary pollinators and thought I observed mason bees and sweat bees at least on the mums. I have many of those mums (on sale after frost) in my backyard and will post any new observations soon I hope. Thanks all for helping.

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