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If you would like to use an image of mine for something please first send me a message with the image you are interested in and the intended purpose. I am trying to keep track of where/for what the different images are used.

I'm Brian. I'm a nature lover currently living in Texas, United States of America. I like exploring the world and meeting people, writing, and making music.

Dragonfly hunting has taken me all over the world, from Peru to Malaysia to Taiwan and other fascinating places. Just has taken me those places but I concentrated on dragonflies while I was there.

I do not have a formal background in biology (I studied journalism) but have learned about insects from self-study and perpetual curiosity. I have focused primarily on odonates (dragonflies and damselflies) but I am interested in all organisms and their interactions with each other (and with us).

Since finding iNaturalist I've gotten more into bioblitzes, community events and citizen science. I enjoy speaking about and showing children (or adults) dragonflies and other creatures and helping spark their interest in our overlooked co-residents and the natural world.

A few years ago I created an educational display on the dragonflies and damselflies of Tarrant County, Texas (where I lived at the time) in order to promote interest in science and highlight local biodiversity. A digital version of The Odonata of Tarrant County can be found on my website with some other nature projects (mostly insect and ambient abstract work).

On iNaturalist I administer the following projects in hopes of aggregating behavioral data that may not always be observable at-will in the field:

Odonata - anomalies (morphological and behavioral)
Odonata - as prey
Odonata - predation (eating)
Odonata - emerging complications
Odonata - parasitism
Odonata - inter/intraspecies aggression
Argia ID project

Feel free to join and contribute.

iNat guide I created for the Odonata at the Colleyville Nature Center

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