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03 de febrero de 2019

The City Nature Challenge is coming to Philly! April 26-29.

Hey everyone!

Philadelphia (and all counties that share a direct border with the city of Philadelphia - DelCo, MontoCo, Bucks, Camden, Gloucester & Burlington) is competing in the City Nature Challenge for the first time this year and we could use your help to win! The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is a multi-day bioblitz type competition using iNaturalist where cities around the world compete to see who can observe the most species, make the most observations or get the most engaged residents. The CNC started out in 2016 as a competition between SF and LA, expanded to 16 cities across the US in 2017, and then went worldwide in 2018 with 68 cities. In 2019 we are competing against 130+ cities all over the world. While we are late to the party, I'm sure we can put up a good show in our first year and beat Pittsburgh!

I'm tagging you here because you are one of the top observers in our region and we cannot win without your help. You can either go out and iNat as you usually do, or you can let me know if you'd like to lead a trip to your favorite haunts and we'll get that up on our website ( and social media. After the main event, there is a second period from April 30-May 5th where we can go into the Identify section of iNat and ID observations made during the main challenge period so that we can boost our species totals. If you know anyone else who might be interested in participating in the CNC, please spread the word. You can also tag them in the comments.

Here are some useful links with more info:
Philly CNC website:
Philly CNC iNat project:
Main CNC website:
Last year's results:

Thanks for documenting the biodiversity of our region and we hope you'll help us during the CNC as well.

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