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10 de septiembre de 2020

Patagonia Mts Aug 24, 2020

Sycamore Wash of the Patagonia Mountains in eastern Sta Cruz Cruz County, Arizona

The summer rains for 2020 have been very meager for most of Arizona. As a result vegetation is water stressed and all but the hardiest plants are without new growth and flowers. Wilted plants and very dry, dusty conditions left me wondering if I would find anything interesting.

Sycamore Wash supports oaks on higher ground and riparian trees in deep sandy alluvium. Annual Sunflower were blooming well and appeared to be the saviors for many insects, including pollinators. As it turned out that made it easier to find Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera.

For the day I tallied some very nice observations. As far as I can tell, the large, strikingly marked Bee-Fly, Bryodemina valida (, has not previously been recorded from the United States. A corona of very long, colorful setae makes the abdomen appear very broad. I am awaiting a dipterist to confirm this record.

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