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17 de diciembre de 2017

New Camera Nikon B700

Yesterday I tried out a new camera. I've been using a Nikon P510 for the past few years and have shot close to 19K photos and now it's coming apart. The B700 is likewise a point and shoot - the most important convenience to me is being able to switch at once from an insect subject 3mm long to a bird perched 50 meters away.

There are some new bells and whistles I need to learn, but the transition was easy without reference to the manual. My big disappointment is that Nikon took the GPS reader out and replaced it with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities. To get GPS tagged into the photo data you must link to your smart phone with GPS. Not a great idea for me cuz when I am on the trail I usually turn off my phone to save battery. For me I would readily sacrifice the connectivity for in-unit GPS readings. Nikon: If you're listening why not put in a mini card slot so users can pick and choose the added features that they find most useful by swapping cards?

The zoom works very well and gives sharp photos of distant, wary organisms. The zoom has expanded ability for near subjects which should aid insect photography. The other big plus is the improved view finder.

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