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16 de noviembre de 2018

16 Nov/18

Past couple of weeks has been cold - I don't think it's been over 0C for a while, down to near -20C a couple of nights. The Red is mainly frozen over, though I have yet to see any tracks venturing on to the ice. Migratory birds are not to be seen, even geese, and insects are long gone. I have a marker - Juncos are usually the first migratory birds to return, and the last to leave. Haven't seen on in a couple of weeks.

Like the robins this summer, the 'Usual suspects' have seemed to change their pattern. They are not as much in evidence in the bushy part of the riverbottom, but more towards the park area. They are around - I hear their calls, and see them, although less frequently than last winter. I suspect they use both the bush and the bird feeders across Churchill Dr. moving back and forth between them. Perhaps they don't need to spend as much time foraging in the bush, or have been surprised by the early cold and have not set up a pattern of foraging yet.
I will continue to photograph them - it's important for population studies if anyone is interested, but is does get kind of monotonous!

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