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08 de enero de 2018

8 Jan/18

I've been trying to keep a field journal, but I'm not happy with the results. I think I'll go back to my journal as a field journal. Unless otherwise specified, these observations are along the Red River in Winnipeg.

Along the Red, there are almost always black capped chickadees, Nuthatches, and it seems like Hairy Woodpeckers. Haven't seen any Downy woodpeckers this year along that stretch of the river. It's been really cold, so maybe they have moved into more dense woodland. It seems like there are always Nuthatches (I can hear the 'yank, yank' call) and Black capped Chickadees. Finding them to photograph is another issue, especially at -25 C. There appears to be a female Hairy Woodpecker hanging around the area.

On blustery days, there is nothing around - even in the deep cold there are a few birds around. I don't know where they go - possibly to feeders, sheltered bush, or maybe they stay dormant.

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11 de enero de 2018


Been a wild couple of days weatherwise. Got up to -2C by yesterday, and dropped to -25 overnight. The birds, at least, don't seem too bothered. Heard a couple of chickadees, nuthatches, and a few crows while I was out. A bit of snow overnight, but not much. Some fresh mouse? tracks as well.

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12 de enero de 2018

Jan 11/18

Surprisingly, the birds were out today after a drop from -2C to -25C in 24 hours. Got a picture of a hairy woodpecker - likely the same one that's been hanging around the area. Heard Chickadees and one or two Nuthatches. One that I was 'stalking' flew from one tree to several up ahead, did what looked like a loop de loop, and wound up on one of two trees. That is the first time I have seen one do that - it was as if he could not make up his mind which tree to go to, and looped around between them. By that time my hands were pretty frosty, and another dog was coming, so I stopped looking for it.

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13 de enero de 2018

12 Jan/18

Cold, but sunny again (-25C). Nuthatches and chickadees out in force. Managed to snap a couple of shots of them before my hands got too cold. I did not hear the hairy woodpecker today, but I'm sure it was around some place. These guys must have a fairly set route to follow - I'm always here between 1000 and 1045, and they are in the trees. Later in the day, they may, or may not, be around. Sometimes it's hard to juggle taking photos and the dog (who should be on a leash). He found a stash of bread that someone had dumped at the bottom of a tree, and was noshing down on that while I was looking for the birds.

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27 de enero de 2018

26 Jan/18

It's amazing what a little warmer weather and a slightly lengthened day will do. It's been above -10 for a week or two now, and the day is just a little bit longer. When I take the dog out in the morning (basically around 0730 every day) I hear chickadees as well as crows. It's still basically dark, but there seems to be enough light that they are up and about now. Woodpeckers are hammering on telephone poles, and the squirrels are chasing each other around as if to stake out territory. It's definitely still winter, but the hint of spring seems to be getting to some of the animals.
I walk the dog along the Red River at around the same time every day (1030), and in one section there are almost always several chickadees, nuthatches, and woodpeckers (mostly Hairy). If I come back later in the day, they are not around, so I assume they make a circuit on a daily basis, and in the afternoon are searching for food elsewhere.

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28 de enero de 2018

28 Jan/18

-22C this morning, but decided to take my camera anyway. It was fairly calm, and sunny, so holding the camera in those conditions is not too bad. I heard chickadee call part way through my walk, and looked for it. I saw a hairy woodpecker about 1.5 m above me, and a nuthatch as well (on another tree close by). Dragged out my camera, got it set up, and took a couple of shots of the woodpecker. By this time both the chickadees and nuthatch had moved on. Saw both of them (at different times) on the way back, so the usual suspects are out and about.

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