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13 de enero de 2022

Useful and frequently visited links

Useful links for making iNat easier to navigate or for reference and ID. Almost everything is yoinked from other users or the forums ^_^

Environment Recovery Project: Australian Bushfires

My home bounding box -

Randomise unknowns

My observations (Grid form)
Sort my observations by latest updates (in identify interface),research,casual&order_by=updated_at&user_id=llangarlia

Observations by others seen in MY area, but not yet observed by me:

Find my obscured/private observations (can also be used to find 'Threatened' species observations [which are automatically obscured]):,private

Find my own maverick IDs:

See a list of species that interact with a particular species:
(eg. Oleander Aphid above) Go to a species taxon page and add "?test=interactions" to the URL.

Critter Calendar: Blog with some ID info:

Search interface:

Search a taxon group, while removing a particular species. (eg. Palms removing Piccabeen Palms):

eg. 2 Lepidoptera excluding butterflies (Moths only)

Overlay different taxa on a map (eg. Golden Whistler & Western Whistler):
(eg. 3 Ibis species - Use overlay to customise obs and range)

Comments from me:

Comments on my obs:

Identify observations of new users (past week):

Identify taxa, order randomised:

Identify flora within bounding box, randomised:

Identify unknowns, randomised:


List of species I have ID'd the most:

Recent ID's by me:

All IDs by me:

Projects: Built in statistics slide-show:
Add /stats_slideshow to end of project URL.

Flora Identification Guides
WATTLE: Acacias of Australia (lucid key) -
Plants of South Eastern New South Wales (lucid key) -
EUCLID: Eucalypts of Australia (lucid key) -

Fauna Identification Guides

To general insect groups:

LEPIDOPTERA (Butterflies and moths)
Australia wide (moths):
Sydney butterflies and moths:

ODONATA (Dragonflies and damselflies)
Common species:



REPTILIA (Reptiles)

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