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Useful links for making iNat easier to navigate or for reference and ID. Almost everything is yoinked from other users or the forums ^_^

Environment Recovery Project: Australian Bushfires

My home bounding box -

Randomise unknowns

My observations (Grid form)
Sort my observations by latest updates (in identify interface),research,casual&order_by=updated_at&user_id=llangarlia

Observations by others seen in MY area, but not yet observed by me:

Find my obscured/private observations (can also be used to find 'Threatened' species observations [which are automatically obscured]):,private

Find my own maverick IDs:

See a list of species that interact with a particular species:
(eg. Oleander Aphid above) Go to a species taxon page and add "?test=interactions" to the URL.

Critter Calendar: Blog with some ID info:

Search interface:

Search a taxon group, while removing a particular species. (eg. Palms removing Piccabeen Palms):

eg. 2 Lepidoptera excluding butterflies (Moths only)

Overlay different taxa on a map (eg. Golden Whistler & Western Whistler):
(eg. 3 Ibis species - Use overlay to customise obs and range)

Comments from me:

Comments on my obs:

Identify observations of new users (past week):

Identify taxa, order randomised:

Identify flora within bounding box, randomised:

Identify unknowns, randomised:


List of species I have ID'd the most:

Recent ID's by me:

All IDs by me:

Projects: Built in statistics slide-show:
Add /stats_slideshow to end of project URL.

Flora Identification Guides
WATTLE: Acacias of Australia (lucid key) -
Plants of South Eastern New South Wales (lucid key) -
EUCLID: Eucalypts of Australia (lucid key) -

Fauna Identification Guides

To general insect groups:

LEPIDOPTERA (Butterflies and moths)
Australia wide (moths):
Sydney butterflies and moths:

ODONATA (Dragonflies and damselflies)
Common species:



REPTILIA (Reptiles)

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