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02 de junio de 2017

Please record even common species like bracken

Pat has nearly completed the draft for the eFloraNZ chapter of the Dennstaedtiaceae ferns (native genera are Histiopteris, Hypolepis, Leptolepia, Paesia, and Pteridium). It will shortly join the Aspleniaceae chapter in peer review. All going well, both should be published by the end of 2017.

From the Dennstaedtiaceae chapter, here is a draft map for bracken, Pteridium esculentum subsp. esculentum:

Map CC BY Landcare Research.

Each blue dot is a specimen at Te Papa, Auckland Museum, or Landcare Research. Though these are New Zealand's three major herbaria, I reckon these collections are under-representing the abundance of bracken. For instance, I suspect inland areas of the South Island and the east coast of the North Island are not genuine areas of sparseness for bracken.

The same is true for NatureWatchNZ: see the map for bracken

Which makes this a plea to record observations of even common species like bracken!

Using tools like NatureWatchNZ, everyone can help New Zealand accurately document its biodiversity.

Bring on the bracken observations...

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