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02 de febrero de 2017

Mapping the weed Selaginella kraussiana

This is the draft eFloraNZ map for Selaginella kraussiana. It is based on verified specimens in the collections of Auckland Museum, Landcare Research, and Te Papa. I reckon it under-represents the distribution of this weed in New Zealand.

Map CC BY Landcare Research.
If you can add a dot to this map, please send me a sample, safely secured in a sealed plastic bag: enough to cover an A4-sized paper. In collecting, take care not to spread this problematic plant. Remember that land manager/owner permission is needed for collecting (they're likely to be relaxed about the taking of a weed). My address is Leon Perrie, Te Papa, PO Box 467, Wellington 6011. If you cannot collect, please keep adding observations of this species to NatureWatchNZ

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