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06 de diciembre de 2021

My Olivedale Garden

Monday 6.12.2021
Another wet week with the garden getting 115 mm of rain. Some of the interesting things seen:

  • I rescued a Wolf Spider from a bucket. She had all her young on her back. Interesting to see up close.
  • I found two small (5mm diameter) hard shelled eggs that were identified for me as Gecko eggs. I've brought them in to watch what happens.
  • I came across a small scorpion in my bathroom. I think it is a species of Pseudolychas. I have seen a few of them in and around the house over the years. I'm hoping to get a confirmation ID on iNat.
  • I heard a Piet-My-Vrou (Red-chested Cuckoo; Cuculus solitarius) calling. They are seldom seen.
  • My Pom Pom Tree (Dais cotinifolia) is in full bloom and looks quite spectacular.
  • I was able to watch a weevil close up on an aloe leaf. Again hoping to get an ID.
  • Then on one of my walks around the garden I came across lots of tiny spiderlings dispersing. I watched as they moved along threads from a shrub,through a Yukka plant an on to another shrub. I saw one ballooning. Within about half an hour all had disappeared.

So another interesting week in the garden.

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19 de diciembre de 2021

My Olivedale Garden

Sunday 19.12.2021
Another grey, wet week in the garden but only 23mm of rain.

I noticed a mushroom starting to emerge. It looked like an old fashioned light bulb and almost that size. Once fully opened I measured the diameter of the cap at 225mm. It was identified as Termitomyces reticulatus.
It apparently associates with termites and is described by Marieka Gryzenhout (Mushrooms of South Africa) thus: "arising from white pseudorhiza/fungus comb in termite nest (therefore very long and winding through soil."

Another interesting observation was of a Jewel Beetle (Genus Anthaxia; Subfamily Haplanthaxia). I had never seen one before. The colours were beautiful; metallic green and shiny.

A Twin Dotted Border butterfly (Mylothris rueppellii ssp. haemus) ended up in the swimming pool. I rescued it and it eventually recovered and flew off.
I have found it interesting how many small critters end up trapped on/in the surface of the water. Many recover and during that recovery one has an opportunity to observe them closely. And photograph them. I think maybe it is the surface tension that traps them because on being removed from the water they almost immediately start to move and begin recovering. There is actually a South African project to cover this: Poolkill (s Afr).

This morning at about 5am I heard a Red-chested Cuckoo (Cuculus solitarius; also known in South Africa as the Piet-my-vrou) calling. The call was very loud and, while not in the garden, was very close. This bird is seldom seen and not very common in the urban environment. Having said that one day I happened to look out the bathroom window and there was one perched on a telephone cable completely in the open. It didn't stay long and, of course, I didn't have my camera or phone at hand.

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26 de diciembre de 2021

My Olivedale Garden

Sunday 26.12.2021
Looking back on my notes it was a quiet week in the garden. The weather has been variable with some rain (37.0mm) and some sun. My Pom-pom tree is now past flowering. My older Leonotis has been flowering but no flowers yet on the newer Leonotis plants. So no sunbird sightings although I do hear them. I have the Amethyst and the White-bellied.

As for sightings:

  • two jumping spiders
  • a new beetle for the garden (and me)
  • feathers. I've discovered the Foundfeathers project and am looking at feathers with new interest. So far Lamprotornis nitens (Cape Glossy Starling) and a beautiful feather from the neck I think of a Laughing Dove (Streptopelia senagalensis)
  • a new dragonfly for the garden and me; Pantala flavescens.

I have heard the Brown-hooded Kingfisher (Halcyon chelicuti) but have yet to hear the Woodland Kingfisher (Halcyon senegaloides). I very seldom see one but it would be great to experience one in the garden.

With that Christmas is over and 2022 is on the horison.

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