My Olivedale Garden

Monday 6.12.2021
Another wet week with the garden getting 115 mm of rain. Some of the interesting things seen:

  • I rescued a Wolf Spider from a bucket. She had all her young on her back. Interesting to see up close.
  • I found two small (5mm diameter) hard shelled eggs that were identified for me as Gecko eggs. I've brought them in to watch what happens.
  • I came across a small scorpion in my bathroom. I think it is a species of Pseudolychas. I have seen a few of them in and around the house over the years. I'm hoping to get a confirmation ID on iNat.
  • I heard a Piet-My-Vrou (Red-chested Cuckoo; Cuculus solitarius) calling. They are seldom seen.
  • My Pom Pom Tree (Dais cotinifolia) is in full bloom and looks quite spectacular.
  • I was able to watch a weevil close up on an aloe leaf. Again hoping to get an ID.
  • Then on one of my walks around the garden I came across lots of tiny spiderlings dispersing. I watched as they moved along threads from a shrub,through a Yukka plant an on to another shrub. I saw one ballooning. Within about half an hour all had disappeared.

So another interesting week in the garden.

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These notes are charming. It is strange to think that the Johannesburg area, which is now so biodiverse with many species of trees, birds, and invertebrates, was mainly just grassland a short time ago.

Anotado por milewski hace 10 meses (Advertencia)

Thank you. Yes, it's also disturbing as so little grassland on the highveld is protected; about 2% I believe.

Anotado por doug263 hace 10 meses (Advertencia)

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