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Please turn this back! Leucobryum javense ( and Leucobryum candidum ( are different species. Leucobryum candidum was synonimised with Leucobryum javense in the Bryophyte Flora of the Huon Peninsula (Enroth 1990;, but this was later refuted in the more thorough revision by Yamaguchi (1993; The Flora of New Zealand only still has this synonymy, because they present a 20+ year old treatment as new without checking the names. Leucobryum candidum is recognised in Australia and in the World Checklist (

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Dear Niels,

Hello! I have gone back and forth with several people about the validity of L. candidum, and it appears to be a place of conflict between Australian and Kiwi bryologists. Since I'm no expert in this field, this needs the attention of curator more familiar with bryophyte literature and biology.


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