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Translated from the german Wikipedia:

The Swedish botanist Veit Brecher Wittrock described the plant in 1896, but gave her no species name, as it was a hybrid form of crossbreeding. The first description under the name Viola wittrockiana by the Austrian botanist Helmut Gams was published in 1925. [1] Due to content deficiencies, however, this was not a valid first description; there was no scientifically correct documentation. This was made up in 2007 by the biologist Johannes D. Nauenburg from the Botanical Garden of the University of Rostock in collaboration with colleagues Karl Peter Buttler from Frankfurt am Main and published in the magazine Kochia. Now the pansy is called Viola wittrockiana Gams ex Nauenburg & Buttler correctly. The garden pansies are crosses involving the species Vosges pansies (Viola lutea), Viola tricolor and Altai pansies (Viola altaica). The last presented and accepted bastard formula is: Viola lutea subsp. sudetica × tricolor × altaica (WERNER in JÄGER & WERNER 2001 "2002": 242)


So like for example Tulipa gesneriana it is a man-made complex hybrid that was described as a species.

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