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16 de noviembre de 2015

Featured Observation: West Australian Seahorse by Cassy Thompson

Howdy iSeahorse users!

This month’s featured observation comes from the coast of Western Australia, where iSeahorse user Cassy Thompson (cassy3) spotted a West Australian or tiger snout seahorse, Hippocampus subelongatus.

The species is only known from Western Australia, and is typically found on the edge of rocky areas, muddy bottoms, areas of high sediment load, jetty piles and moorings. They are often associated with sponges, sea squirts, or attached to man-made objects. One of the identifying features of the species is its striped snout, hence their American name, the tiger snout seahorse.

Not much is known about the species, and it is currently listed as ‘Data Deficient’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Observations like this one from Cassy help expand our knowledge of these mysterious creatures, and enable us to properly assess the conservation status of these lesser-known species.

Thank you Cassy Thompson!

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