Big Slough Bioblitz and Upcoming City Nature Challenge

We are meeting for the Big Slough Bioblitz tomorrow April 6th at 9am - 12pm at Big Slough Preserve 21075 State Rd 72, Myakka City, FL 34251. This is the address that google maps will take you directly to. We will have snacks, water, and several Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Staff taking you on a guided hike of the preserve. Please come prepared for a 2.5-hour hike with appropriate footwear, water bottle, outdoor clothing, bug spray and sunscreen, and either a camera or smartphone with the iNaturalist app downloaded onto it. Please feel free to contact Sean Patton the EcoFlora Coordinator through email or call 719-439-9755 if you are having issues.

Asimina species or pawpaws are like all Magnoliales in this month's ecoquest pollinated by beetles as seen here by this Typocerus zebra or Zebra Longhorn Beetle.

For regular updates and to sign up for tomorrow's hike please sign in on the Selby Gardens website where you can also learn the basics of iNaturalist and the EcoFlora Project. Selby Garden volunteers should also submit their hours on the EcoFlora Project to Vera.

Also don't forget the City Nature Challenge 2022 is coming up and will be April 29th to May 2nd with many events and opportunities to get out into nature that entire weekend. Spread the word we want everyone to participate as we will be offering prizes, competing with cities around the world, with the goal being to observe as many plants, animals, and life as possible during those days. Stay posted on the Selby Gardens website, here on our EcoFlora Project Page or join the City Nature Challenge 2022 iNaturalist page for updates.

Spring is when many native plants begin blooming, eager to get their seeds out before the rainy season such as native Piriqueta cistoides or Pitted Stripeseed.

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